Hello everyone!

Welcome to the much renewed website.
One would expect the millenniumbug to be in a deep slumber, awaiting the year 3000 with great anticipation.
As it turns out, it wasn’t quite done yet. With a devastating final stroke, it appears to have removed every trace of my original website.

Indeed, everything has disappeared, as if it had never existed.

Of course, this unfortunate event means I’ve got to build everything from the ground up (to the extent that’s applicable to a WordPress site), which is no easy task.
So, in the following weeks, bare with for I’m working as hard as I can to restore everything in its original order, if not improve a little here and there.

Well then, did nothing fun happen?
Never fear, as I’m proud to present you a project I’ve worked on with Arne Boon called ‘The Audio Floor’!

More information on the project will follow.
See you then!