Hi guys,

Today marks a very special occasion. After 10 years of hard labour (well not really, but 10 years have actually past since the album was conceived) it’s finally ready to be released.
And the fine folks at Kahvi.org are willing to exploit it. That makes me a very proud individual. 🙂
This album has a lot of very personal songs. I know that’s something Taylor Swift would also state when she announces a new album, but it’s entirely true.
The music might not be up your alley, and that’s fine. I’m aware of the fact I’m targeting a very small audience with this EP.
Still I feel happy to release this music, as it roughly translates to 10 years of learning and progression. It’s nice to be finally done with it, regardless of how it’ll be received. Because I know what the songs mean to me, and this is my way of expressing things I can’t otherwise put to words or actions.

Also, a huge thank you to Lonneke Bouman for creating all artwork for this release. It looks amazing.
There are many more people involved which are credited in the CD Booklet which unfortunately is not yet downloadable. It will be in future releases.

Fans of the Kahvi Collective might recognize a very distinctive Kahvi sound. The netlabel’s masteringteam do like their highs and lows, a lot.
If it’s too much for you, a less aggressive release will follow, stay tuned. But of course, I’ll be sure to let you know. 😉
For now, thank you for listening. Speaking of listening, check out this album here:

I hope you’ll enjoy it.
Best regards,

//Michiel (aka Light Pillar)