Interactive sound Design examples
Rush (Wii/Steam/WiiU)

Gameplay video of Rush on the WiiU.
Developed by TwoTribes.

Pazuru (3DS)

Gameplay video of Pazuru for the 3DS.
Developed by Jay van Hutten and Moragami.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (iPhone/iPad)

Gameplay video of Ice Age for iOS.
Developed by TwoTribes.


SFX, developed by Embodied Games.

Swap This! (iPhone/iPad)

Gameplay trailer of Swap This! for iOS.
Developed by TwoTribes.

Audiofloor (Installation)

Developed by Studio Arne Boon.
Interactive floor situated on the Soneva Fushi Eco-resort in the Maldives which produces smart musical audio.

Homeostasis (Installation)

Developed for the Crossing Border festival in Den Hague.
Installation which tracks people with different colored umbrella’s on a street while creating nice visuals on a wall and accompanying those with appropriate, realtime rendered music.


Sound Design examples for Movies
Swap this! – Trailers

Developed by Two Tribes.
Voiceovers have been recorded on iMac microphones and the sound quality had to be compensated to match the ambience of the videos.

Kinderen van toen, senioren van nu (Children then, seniors now)

A Dutch film by Janneke Swinkels, music composed by Manna Horsting.
Music and some SFX produced by Michiel Nijhof.