So, you’re all about audio that’s like nothing else out there, interactive and adaptive systems for music, finding exactly the right atmosphere for a multi-media production? So am I.

Producing music since 1992 (although not sure that’d count as I was like 6 years old), it’s not far fetched to say I’ve developed a vast interest in everything that has anything to do with music and sound production. Be it for film, radio, games, theatre, – you name it.1606859_10203682068242885_2264284563280564710_n

Over the years I’ve learned that the only way to make a production stand out, is to make it feel original. That’s what Michiel Nijhof audio is all about; creating sound oozing with character. No two productions are the same, music and sound should reflect that.

Not sure what the audio possibilities for your production are? No problem. It doesn’t matter which platform you’re working on (give me a good old 8-bit soundchip any day), or if the whole thing needs to fit into 400kb.
It does’t matter if the audio should be present but also unnoticeable.
No matter how impossible the assignment, this is the right address.

Where the options are limited, the imagination knows no boundaries.